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I'm still alive~
This journal isn't dead! I've just been busy with other stuff lately. :P And I created a blog where I put all my fangirling in so I post more often there. XD And I also created an ameba account to help improve my Japanese. My ameblo has only one entry, though. And it's written with my pathetic Japanese skills. Plus, I'm on twitter 24/7 now. XD

I really need to practice my Japanese because I'm taking the JLPT in December~ Taking the lowest level, N5, but it's a start towards my dream of being fluent in Japanese and being able to understand what my beloved JUMP members are saying. :D

I love learning Japanese. It's totally different from any other language I know. But I sometimes hate learning it too 'cause it's so complicated. All that Kanji makes my head spin. And the polite/plain forms of the language makes for double the amount of studying. XD

From this point on, I will go on a boring nerdy talk so just ignore the rest of this entry. That is if anyone actually cared enough to start reading this post and making it this far. XD

I'm amused by the fact that Filipino, English and Japanese have completely different sentence structures from each other. Whereas in English, one would normally say "I read books." if you say it in Filipino or in Japanese, the word order is COMPLETELY different.

Just to compare:

English [Subject-Verb-Object]: I read books.

Filipino [Verb-Subject-Object]: Nagbabasa ako ng libro. (which literally translates to: "Read I books.")

Japanese [Subject-Object-Verb]: (Watashi wa) hon wo yomimasu. (which literally translates to: "(I) books read")

So yeah, I'm amused but at the same time it's driving me crazy because the Japanese sentence structure totally goes against the way my brain forms sentences. XD

Not that I think anyone will make it this far but.....

End of boring post. :D

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Ganbatte ne~ Magte-take din sana ako ng N5 this year kaso aaargh sa budget (ammahal kasi! 800 O___O) at ittry ko na N4 next year. Sana di pa magunaw mundo nun. lol

Good luck ulit! lol

Hai, Ganbarimasu~ Magttry sana ko ng N4 this year kaso sayang din ung 800 pag di ko naipasa. Kaya N5 na lang para mas malaki ang chance na pumasa. :D

At wag naman sana magunaw ang mundo. Gusto ko pang makapunta ng Japan para manood ng concert ng JUMP. XD

Tama~ Kaso parang sayang din 'yung pera kung dalawang exam pa kukunin mo, if ever itutuloy mo ng N4. N3 na lang next mo i-take para mas sulit HAHA! :)

Yup. Haha apir tayo diyan. :P

Good luck nga pala sa grammar. 'Yan din kahinaan ko sa Nihongo orz

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