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I only managed to finish 3 jdramas for the spring season. I started out with 6 but I dropped Ataru, Mikeneko Holmes and Papadol midway through the season. I actually really liked all the episodes of Ataru that I've seen but I somehow lost interest in the drama and I dunno why. However, I did manage to finish 37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku, Kagi no Kakatta Heya and Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. Hopefully, I'll be able to watch more this season as there are various dramas that interests me.

On the other hand, I've only watched the first episodes of about half of this season's dramas but I already have 5 that I want to continue watching. I wonder how many dramas I'll end up watching until the end this season... Anyway, here are the 5 dramas that I've seen the first (or first few) episodes of and liked so far.

1. Sprout

Well, its got Chinen Yuri + other Johnnys. Plus Hana Egao for the drama's theme song. Lol. Biased fan is biased. :P I didn't like the manga so much so I'm actually glad that they made changes to the plot. And I think Chinen's acting is pretty good in the drama. But other than this, I've only seen him in Sensei wa Erai so I can't really gauge his acting chops that well. :P Anyway, this is gonna be my "idol drama" slash "guilty pleasure drama" this season. Oh, and I absolutely love the insert songs used in the episodes - all of which are songs by Grouplove. The song Betty's a Bombshell is love. <3

2. Rich Man Poor Woman

The last one I watched from all the dramas that made it into my list. I thought this was gonna be a generic drama where the rich guy and the poor girl fall in love with each other but the differences in social status causes problems and such. But boy, was I wrong! Frankly, this drama's frst episode is the one that got me most intrigued. And with the twist they put with Ishihara Satomi's character, they've definitely got me coming back for more.

3. Beautiful Rain

Okay, this is definitely gonna be a tear-jerker. I've already cried lots from this drama and I've only seen 2 episodes! I like the story and the actors are all good. Plus, Miura Shohei. <3 I just hope it doesn't turn out to be too heavy. There are lots of funny moments in the drama and I hope this keeps up until the end. I mean, I've already prepared myself for tear-inducing moments from this drama but I don't wanna be crying for the whole hour during each episode. So keep the light scenes coming too, ok? Plus the two kids in the drama are really adorable and well..... Miura Shohei (lol).

4. Ghost Mama Sousasen
I like the idea of this drama. I just hope the plot doesn't get repetitive 'cause this type of drama has the tendency to do so. I'd hate it if every episode is like meet a ghost - solve a crime - help ghost get to heaven kinda thing. On a side note, I like the actors that they put in the drama. Especially Tonbooooooo. :P >I'm a sucker for cute little kids.< So I guess we'll see if the drama can keep me interested. Hopefully it does 'cause even though I like Nakama Yukie, I dropped watching Renai Neet halfway through the winter drama season and I'd hate to drop another one of her dramas midway.

5. GTO

I liked the first episode a lot. The second was just so-so for me. The third will feature Shintaro. It's GTO so the drama has a lot of potential (even though I say this, I've actually never watched anything GTO before. lol.) The problem I have with this drama is Takimoto Miori. I see too much of her previous characters in her that I find it hard to connect her with her role as a teacher. Anyway, Yamamoto Yusuke looks reaaaally good in this drama. His looks has always been kind of a hit or miss thing for me but I've always thought that he's such a great actor. So it's a definite plus that his look in this drama is the best I've seen of him (just my opinion, of course). And Shirota Yuuuuuuuu. He on the other hand, has always looked good (and probably always will) in my eyes. Also, I love that there are lots of familiar faces in this drama.


* Kitayama Hiromitsu Hitoribocchi Indo Oudan Backpack no Tabi

Well. It's not a drama, I know. :P But reality shows featuring idols are always fun to watch. Especially if there's travel involved. :)

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kon~ Uhm do you know all the songs that is inserted in Sprout Drama~? Thanks ^^

"Betty's a Bombshell", "Itchin' on a Photograph" and "Cruel and Beautiful World". All three are songs by Grouplove from their album "Never Trust a Happy Love Song". :)

Ahh!!!!!! Thank you so much~ ^_^

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