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happy massu day~

so i'm at work and remembered that it's already the fourth of july and i wanted to post a birthday greeting for massu on twitter but the office internet has facebook and twitter blocked. :( so i figured i'd just make a quick post here on my long forgotten lj account. :p

so here goes.. happy, happy birthday dear massu!! it's the first day of the twenty days in a year during which we're of the same age! ♡ and i hope to see a lot of your adorable cute smile and unique fashion sense this year as well. :))

oh and happy fourth of july to those in the US. :)

sigh. i need to get back to work now. but before i do, let me just flail over the new scans from duet! jumpbbs are so akdkdhsakkaal. *_____* /logs in to cdj/


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