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sleepyhead woke up
The first day this week that I didn't fall asleep out of my own will. >< I want to celebrate! :D I was getting kinda scared and wanted to get myself checked up because I've woken up multiple times in the past few days without any recollection of how I fell asleep, or what time I fell asleep for that matter.

Anyway, last week was a busy week for my laptop because there were a LOT of Kindaichi promotions airing and of course, I had to download them all. ><

[Long entry about the most mundane things in my life...]Oh, btw, my mom was getting some furniture ordered last Saturday and since I'm getting a new bed frame, I made a rough sketch of what I wanted and asked her to bring it to the makers. Unfortunately, for some reason I don't completely understand, they refused to make it. I think because it needed too much wood or something. Oh wait, they actually said they would be able to make it but at twice their normal rate for bed frames. And of course, that was out of my budget. So on Sunday, I searched the internet for other bed frame designs and found these two. I'm hell bent on getting a day bed. :D


The first pic (white one) is the design I really want now since it's close to what I originally wanted though it has a simpler design. But I needed another design in case they reject it again. What I liked about the second one is that the sides can be pulled up to form some kind of table. Oh, and instead of a pull-out bed, the ones underneath will be storage space too. (I have way too many stuff and am forever in need of extra storage space.)

And my Kindaichi download finished on Sunday too, so I watched it then. I didn't really like the plot though. What's up with that ending??? Is it the same story from the manga?

Anyway, I had the bed frame designs sent out last Monday and fortunately, the furniture maker agreed to make the white one. :D It's about $60 more expensive than their normal charge for bed frames but at least that fits the budget.:D It's gonna be a bit wider than the one in the picture, though. It's gonna be fit for a 3/4 size mattress (48 inches width, normal length).

My Mystery Virgin CDs also arrived on Monday~ I ordered them with standard shipping from YesAsia and they were shipped express. With tracking number AND delivered to my door like always. I love that on all the times I've ordered w/ standard shipping with YA, they've always sent them express. I have to note, though, that the RE came with the CD case cracked. It's the first time I've received a cracked CD and I have to admit that YesAsia's packaging isn't very good. All orders I've received were just wrapped in three pieces of bubble wraps. Well, tbh, if it's a rare occurence, I don't really mind getting a cracked CD so much since I buy them for the content and to add some numbers to JUMP's sales. Besides, it's easy to replace CD cases. I have no plans of selling/giving them away anyway. And if you think I'll change my mind someday, let me just tell you that I still have the CDs of a boyband I liked way back when I was 13. (FYI that was almost 15 years ago.) Well, at least what's left of them after our house was flooded some years ago. XD But I did send an e-mail to YesAsia regarding the damaged CD and they've replied asking for pictures. We'll see what happens. I don't think I'll return it though, because I'm lazy and would rather replace the case myself than make the effort of sending the CD back to them. And my RE copy has the first press bonus and I dunno if the copies they have left have it as well.


Yesterday, Tuesday, I was expecting my MV NTV version (ordered at CDJapan) to arrive since the EMS tracker said it arrived in Manila on 1/14/2013 at 13:30 last Monday. I checked the post office tracker in my country and it said that the package was dispatched to the provincial office on 1/14/2013 at 18:14. I waited all day but the mailman didn't come. :(

This morning, I checked the EMS tracker again and it said "Retention" on January 15. So I asked my dad to check with the local post office (since he works across the street from the post office). The lady working there said they had no package for me yet. At this time, I was already worried that my package was being held by customs. But then at around 5.30PM, my neighbor gave the post office claim slip to my mom. According to the claim slip, my package arrived at the local post yesterday, January 15th. WTF post office? I should be holding the NTV Version in my hands right now or actually since yesterday. What the hell is express shipping for if it gets stuck in your local post office for days? :/ (Also, WTF postman and neighbor, I was home all day, why didn't you guys give me the claim slip earlier, while the post office was still open?)

BTW, I ordered this from CDJapan. CDJapan's packaging is always so good, I'm never worried about getting my stuff damaged during shipping. My ONLY problem with CDJ is that they ship through the local post office and mine, unfortunately, sucks big time. They never deliver anything to my doorstep, the employees never tell me the correct information, and they never inform me on time when my packages arrive.

Oh and one last thing, an internet provider called me today to offer their services. I've been thinking of switching to a different provider because my current connection speed is slow and unstable but it's already the fastest that my current provider can offer. I'll talk to the agent tomorrow so we'll see. :D

Whew~ Long entry is long. ><


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