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Post Office Problems
It's been more than a month since I first ordered stuff from CDJapan. I've placed quite a few orders already but I haven't received anything from the post office yet. So today, I decided to go there and give them a piece of my mind ask if they've got anything for me yet before bitching on contacting CDJapan about it. And guess what? My packages have been sitting at the local post office for a couple of weeks now. AND they didn't even send me anything, not even a note to tell me that they've been there all this time. :/ I asked the post office lady (who by the way was very pregnant and very irritable) if they normally don't send notes to inform the package recipients that their stuff has arrived.

Post Office Lady: Bakit, wala ka bang natanggap? (Why, haven't you received anything yet?)
Me: Wala po eh... (I haven't received anything.)
POL: I-check mo na lang dito para sigurado. (Just come here and check with us to know for sure if they've arrived or not.)
Me: ...

So she just basically told me that I'd have to check with them whenever I'm expecting a package to arrive. But what about those people who have no idea that a package was sent to them? Sigh. On the bright side, my packages arrived in very good condition. The box for the CDs had a little dent on the side but the CDs themselves were in perfect condition, thanks to the bubble wrap and green lining paper.

Well anyway, at least I got my packages. No tax, btw. I just had to pay Php40 (~US$1) for what I think is a storage or handling fee. Although I have to note that each of my packages are well under US$50 so that's probably why there wasn't any tax. Anyway, all that's left from my previous orders is Myojo's October issue which should arrive within this week or next (based on the dates that the previous packages arrived at the post office). And I know exactly how I will spend my time waiting for that - by staring at the JUMP pages from the September issue I FINALLY got today. :P

And I might just have to try purchasing from YesAsia as I've heard that they ship through LBC here in the Philippines and will therefore get my stuff delivered at my house. Bottomline is, my cousins in Japan will have to thank their lucky stars that I have finally tried out purchasing stuff online and will no longer beg them to buy JUMP stuff for me. XD


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