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Onions and Lemons
I have to admit that among the 3 guys in Ikemen Desu Ne, I probably liked Tamamori Yuta's character the least. Partly because I thought Hikaru and Fujigaya Taisuke had much more interesting roles and partly because I couldn't bring myself to like Tamamori's hair in this drama. However, I found him to be such an adorable clueless dork in Ikinari Ougon Densetsu. He is just freaking funny during the course of the challenge and I just found myself laughing while watching his parts. Seriously, who decides to live on onions for a whole freaking month just because his name starts the same way as the name of onions (onion is tamanegi in Japanese) does?! Well, okay, maybe the fact that he found a place to buy cheap onions were a factor too. But still! Who would want to live a month on onions?

Anyway, here are my some of my favorite parts from the whole challenge (which lasted 4 episodes btw):

1. All that tamanegi. A fridge-full of tamanegi! The tamanegi sky tree! And even effin' decorating his house with tamanegi!!! Also, the part where Kisumai had a photoshoot with lots of delicious food. It was really cute how everyone else was eating the delicious food and even though those food were stuff he really liked to eat, he couldnt eat them - he had to eat his tamanegi.

2. Him mistaking the microphone in the kitchen for a camera until the end of the challenge. Lol'd so hard every freakin' time they showed him presenting the food he cooked to the microphone. I almost felt sympathetic for him for not realizing it at all but it was just so hilarious that i couldn't. You show-makers don't have a heart for not telling him that it's a microphone! But it was helluva funny so I forgive you guys. Lol.

3. Going around shopping with a freaking bag (a clear backpack to be more precise) of 1yen coins. At one point, he was paying for his groceries with the coins and while in the middle of counting them, he gets distracted by something and has to start counting all over again! And this happened more than once! Lol. :) In the end, when the shopkeeper counted his payment, it turned out that he paid too much and returned the extra coins to him. Lol. All that effort and he still didn't get it right. And how the other contestants had to help him count how much coins he had at the end of the whole challenge.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
And he won! How adorable. :)

And also, the girl contestant (don't remember her name, sorry) amused me so much with 1) the way she cooked her food and made it into much, much bigger servings than it normally would've and 2) her huge appetite! I wish I could eat as much as she does and not get fat. Oh well, life's not fair, I know. :(

I probably would've enjoyed this program more if I liked Kisumai as much as I like HSJ. I mean all that Kisumai footage in the show! I bet Kisumai fans loved every minute of this. And on a side note, I think that Kisumai members looked better backstage than they do when I see them on TV appearances. But I haven't really seen a lot of them so I guess that makes my opinion invalid. *dodges stones thrown by Kisumai fans*

Now, if only Johnny-san would let any HSJ member preferrably Inoo-chan appear on a show like this...

Anyway, there's also a CM that I really, really like lately. And it's...

Kanjani8's CC Lemon CM! I love it so much that I go watch it once in a while on youtube and it never fails to make me smile. :) Plus, I love the colors they used in the CM - it makes the CM feel so fun and fresh. I think I've seen 3 versions of this CM. Is there any other version? If there is, please tell me and I'd go hunt for them! Lol. Well, I'm not really a big Kanjani8 fan although I do think Yokoyama You is chou kawaii but I like the over-all feel of the group. I haven't really seen a lot of them but from the little I have, it seems like they always have fun together and they're not afraid to poke fun of themselves.

Whew. I can't believe I made a post this long about something that's not JUMP-centered. lol. :D


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