happy massu day~

so i'm at work and remembered that it's already the fourth of july and i wanted to post a birthday greeting for massu on twitter but the office internet has facebook and twitter blocked. :( so i figured i'd just make a quick post here on my long forgotten lj account. :p

so here goes.. happy, happy birthday dear massu!! it's the first day of the twenty days in a year during which we're of the same age! ♡ and i hope to see a lot of your adorable cute smile and unique fashion sense this year as well. :))

oh and happy fourth of july to those in the US. :)

sigh. i need to get back to work now. but before i do, let me just flail over the new scans from duet! jumpbbs are so akdkdhsakkaal. *_____* /logs in to cdj/

Yan Yan JUMP Episodes Chart
Note: This masterpost is a work in progress. Also, I do not follow the Juniors so this will only document appearances made by JUMP members.


Episode No.
- Air Date -
Live Stage Notes
[#001] 2011.04.16 JUMP Medley
- All JUMP Members
Handball - All JUMP Members
The Pressure 10
- All JUMP Members
[#002] 2011.04.23 Ai-ing Aishiteru
- All JUMP Members
The Pressure 10 (1) - Hey! Say! 7
The Pressure 10 (2) - All JUMP Members
Handball - Arioka, Inoo, Okamoto, Yamada, Yaotome
[#003] 2011.04.30 Arigato~ Sekai ni Doko ni Itemo
- All JUMP Members
Handball - Yamada, Yaotome
Rhythm Battle - Chinen, Yabu, Yamada
[#004] 2011.05.07 - The Pressure 10 - Chinen, Nakajima, Yabu, Yamada, Yaotome
Handball - Chinen, Nakajima, Yabu, Yamada, Yaotome
[#005] 2011.05.14 Over
- Chinen, Nakajima, Yabu, Yamada, Yaotome
The Pressure 10 - Chinen, Nakajima, Yabu, Yamada, Yaotome
Handball - Chinen, Nakajima, Yabu, Yamada, Yaotome
[#006] 2011.05.21 You Gotta More
- Chinen, Nakajima, Yamada
Rhythm Battle - Arioka, Inoo, Yabu
Handball - Hey! Say! BEST
[#007] 2011.05.28 Screw
- Yabu, Yaotome
Handball - Yamada, Yaotome
Rhythm Battle - Inoo, Takaki, Yaotome
[#008] 2011.06.04 - Handball - Chinen, Nakajima, Yabu
The Pressure 10 (1) - Hey! Say! BEST
The Pressure 10 (2) - Arioka, Inoo, Yaotome
[#009] 2011.06.11 Over
- Yabu, Yaotome, Chinen, Nakajima, Yamada
Rhythm Battle - Arioka, Inoo, Yaotome
The Pressure 10 - Hey! Say! BEST
[#010] 2011.06.18 Over
- All JUMP members except Yaotome
Showa e JUMP - Inoo, Takaki, Yabu, Yaotome
The Pressure 10 - Hey! Say! BEST
[#011] 2011.06.25 Over
- All JUMP members except Yaotome
Showa e JUMP - Arioka, Inoo, Nakajima, Yabu, Yamada
Rhythm Battle - Arioka, Takaki, Yabu
[#012] 2011.07.02 Over
- All JUMP members
Showa e JUMP - Arioka, Yabu, Yaotome
The Pressure 10 Arioka, Takaki, Yabu
[#013] 2011.07.09 Over
All JUMP members
Showa e JUMP - Chinen, Inoo, Yabu
[#014] 2011.07.16 Special Medley
- Inoo, Yabu, Yamada, Yaotome
Showa e JUMP - Arioka, Chinen, Inoo
[#015] 2011.07.23 Special Medley
- Inoo, Yabu, Yamada, Yaotome
Rhythm Battle - Inoo, Takaki, Yaotome
Showa e JUMP - Chinen, Inoo, Okamoto, Takaki, Yabu
[#016] 2011.07.30 - Gochamaze Word SP - Arioka, Chinen, Nakajima, Yabu
[#017] 2011.08.06 Summary / Bouken Rider
- Inoo, Yabu, Yamada, Yaotome
Showa e JUMP - Inoo, Yamada, Yaotome
[#018] 2011.08.13 Summary 2011 Live Report Narabikae Ranking - Takoyaki - Chinen, Yabu
Showa e JUMP - Yabu, Yaotome
[#019] 2011.08.20 Beat Line
- Arioka, Nakajima, Yabu
Gochamaze Word - Arioka, Nakajima, Yabu, Yaotome
[#020] 2011.08.27 With You / Ai Nante / Arigatou~
- Arioka, Nakajima, Yabu
Narabikae Ranking - Cats - Inoo, Takaki, Yabu
Gochamaze Word - Arioka, Nakajima, Yabu
[#021] 2011.09.03 Garasu no Shounen / Itoshii no Playgirl
- Yabu
Awasete Hunt! Moster Matching!! - Chinen, Takaki, Yabu, Yamada
Gochamaze Word - Arioka, Nakajima, Yabu
[#022] 2011.09.10 Magic Power
- Chinen, Takaki, Yabu, Yamada
Showa e JUMP - Yabu, Yaotome
The Pressure 10 - Hey! Say! BEST
[#023] 2011.09.17 - Showa e JUMP - Yabu, Yamada
Ranking - Dream Job - Arioka, Yaotome
[#024] 2011.09.24 Nemuri no Mori / Magic Power
- Chinen, Takaki, Yabu, Yamada
Ranking - Puppies - Hey! Say! BEST
The Pressure 10 (1) - Chinen, Yabu, Yamada, Yaotome
The Pressure 10 (2) - Chinen, Nakajima, Yabu, Yamada, Yaotome
Rhythm Battle - Arioka, Inoo, Yabu
[#025] 2011.10.09 Magic Power
- Arioka,Yabu
Challenge Quiz - Arioka, Inoo, Yabu
Challenge (1) - Archery - Nakajima
[#026] 2011.10.16 Magic Power
- Arioka, Nakajima, Yabu
Honmono wa Dare? - Arioka, Yabu
[#027] 2011.10.23 Happiness / Zukkoke Otoko Michi / weeeek / Magic Power
- Arioka, Nakajima, Yabu
Challenge Quiz - Nakajima, Yabu
Challenge (2) - Spicy Curry - Takaki
[#028] 2011.10.30 Paradise Ginga / With you / weeeek / Magic Power
- Arioka, Nakajima, Yabu
Honmono wa Dare? - Chinen, Yabu
[#029] 2011.11.06 Ultra Music Power / Over / Magic Power
- Yabu, Yaotome
Challenge Quiz - Yabu
Challenge (1) - Billiards - Yaotome
Challenge (2) - Pool - Nakajima
[#030] 2011.11.13 - Challenge Quiz - Yaotome
Challenge (1) - Bowling - Chinen
Challenge (2) - Free Climbing - Yabu
[#031] 2011.11.20 Magic Power
- Yabu, Yaotome
[#032] 2011.11.27
[#033] 2011.12.04
[#034] 2011.12.11
[#035] 2011.12.18
[#036] 2011.12.25


Episode No.
- Air Date -
Live Stage Notes


Episode No.
- Air Date -
Live Stage Notes

sleepyhead woke up
The first day this week that I didn't fall asleep out of my own will. >< I want to celebrate! :D I was getting kinda scared and wanted to get myself checked up because I've woken up multiple times in the past few days without any recollection of how I fell asleep, or what time I fell asleep for that matter.

Anyway, last week was a busy week for my laptop because there were a LOT of Kindaichi promotions airing and of course, I had to download them all. ><

[Long entry about the most mundane things in my life...]Oh, btw, my mom was getting some furniture ordered last Saturday and since I'm getting a new bed frame, I made a rough sketch of what I wanted and asked her to bring it to the makers. Unfortunately, for some reason I don't completely understand, they refused to make it. I think because it needed too much wood or something. Oh wait, they actually said they would be able to make it but at twice their normal rate for bed frames. And of course, that was out of my budget. So on Sunday, I searched the internet for other bed frame designs and found these two. I'm hell bent on getting a day bed. :D


The first pic (white one) is the design I really want now since it's close to what I originally wanted though it has a simpler design. But I needed another design in case they reject it again. What I liked about the second one is that the sides can be pulled up to form some kind of table. Oh, and instead of a pull-out bed, the ones underneath will be storage space too. (I have way too many stuff and am forever in need of extra storage space.)

And my Kindaichi download finished on Sunday too, so I watched it then. I didn't really like the plot though. What's up with that ending??? Is it the same story from the manga?

Anyway, I had the bed frame designs sent out last Monday and fortunately, the furniture maker agreed to make the white one. :D It's about $60 more expensive than their normal charge for bed frames but at least that fits the budget.:D It's gonna be a bit wider than the one in the picture, though. It's gonna be fit for a 3/4 size mattress (48 inches width, normal length).

My Mystery Virgin CDs also arrived on Monday~ I ordered them with standard shipping from YesAsia and they were shipped express. With tracking number AND delivered to my door like always. I love that on all the times I've ordered w/ standard shipping with YA, they've always sent them express. I have to note, though, that the RE came with the CD case cracked. It's the first time I've received a cracked CD and I have to admit that YesAsia's packaging isn't very good. All orders I've received were just wrapped in three pieces of bubble wraps. Well, tbh, if it's a rare occurence, I don't really mind getting a cracked CD so much since I buy them for the content and to add some numbers to JUMP's sales. Besides, it's easy to replace CD cases. I have no plans of selling/giving them away anyway. And if you think I'll change my mind someday, let me just tell you that I still have the CDs of a boyband I liked way back when I was 13. (FYI that was almost 15 years ago.) Well, at least what's left of them after our house was flooded some years ago. XD But I did send an e-mail to YesAsia regarding the damaged CD and they've replied asking for pictures. We'll see what happens. I don't think I'll return it though, because I'm lazy and would rather replace the case myself than make the effort of sending the CD back to them. And my RE copy has the first press bonus and I dunno if the copies they have left have it as well.


Yesterday, Tuesday, I was expecting my MV NTV version (ordered at CDJapan) to arrive since the EMS tracker said it arrived in Manila on 1/14/2013 at 13:30 last Monday. I checked the post office tracker in my country and it said that the package was dispatched to the provincial office on 1/14/2013 at 18:14. I waited all day but the mailman didn't come. :(

This morning, I checked the EMS tracker again and it said "Retention" on January 15. So I asked my dad to check with the local post office (since he works across the street from the post office). The lady working there said they had no package for me yet. At this time, I was already worried that my package was being held by customs. But then at around 5.30PM, my neighbor gave the post office claim slip to my mom. According to the claim slip, my package arrived at the local post yesterday, January 15th. WTF post office? I should be holding the NTV Version in my hands right now or actually since yesterday. What the hell is express shipping for if it gets stuck in your local post office for days? :/ (Also, WTF postman and neighbor, I was home all day, why didn't you guys give me the claim slip earlier, while the post office was still open?)

BTW, I ordered this from CDJapan. CDJapan's packaging is always so good, I'm never worried about getting my stuff damaged during shipping. My ONLY problem with CDJ is that they ship through the local post office and mine, unfortunately, sucks big time. They never deliver anything to my doorstep, the employees never tell me the correct information, and they never inform me on time when my packages arrive.

Oh and one last thing, an internet provider called me today to offer their services. I've been thinking of switching to a different provider because my current connection speed is slow and unstable but it's already the fastest that my current provider can offer. I'll talk to the agent tomorrow so we'll see. :D

Whew~ Long entry is long. ><

Yamada Killed My Wallet
I pre-ordered the NTV version of Yamada's Mystery Virgin single from CDJapan last night. My wallet says "Kill me now". XD

I was actually thinking of buying it from the NTV shop since my cousins live in Japan and they could send it to me. But then, ordering from the NTV shop would be way too difficult with my limited Japanese knowledge, and it'd be such a hassle, having it shipped to my cousin, and then having my cousin ship it to me. I'd be forever worried that they won't pack it carefully and that the CD will be cracked when it gets to me. And I'd have to give my cousin something to thank them for the trouble too. Plus, I think the one from CDJapan would get to me faster because it's shipped through EMS. (I had no choice for shipping, though. It only allows EMS shipping.) Unless the tax man holds it at the customs - which I really hope wouldn't happen since it's just one freakin' expensive CD anyway.

And of course, I've already pre-ordered all the 3 other versions of MV when it came out. >< I just KNOW I'll regret it if I didn't order any of them.

Barely 2 weeks left until the single release~ Now, who's excited? :D

I'm still alive~
This journal isn't dead! I've just been busy with other stuff lately. :P And I created a blog where I put all my fangirling in so I post more often there. XD And I also created an ameba account to help improve my Japanese. My ameblo has only one entry, though. And it's written with my pathetic Japanese skills. Plus, I'm on twitter 24/7 now. XD

I really need to practice my Japanese because I'm taking the JLPT in December~ Taking the lowest level, N5, but it's a start towards my dream of being fluent in Japanese and being able to understand what my beloved JUMP members are saying. :D

I love learning Japanese. It's totally different from any other language I know. But I sometimes hate learning it too 'cause it's so complicated. All that Kanji makes my head spin. And the polite/plain forms of the language makes for double the amount of studying. XD

From this point on, I will go on a boring nerdy talk so just ignore the rest of this entry. That is if anyone actually cared enough to start reading this post and making it this far. XD

I'm amused by the fact that Filipino, English and Japanese have completely different sentence structures from each other. Whereas in English, one would normally say "I read books." if you say it in Filipino or in Japanese, the word order is COMPLETELY different.

Just to compare:

English [Subject-Verb-Object]: I read books.

Filipino [Verb-Subject-Object]: Nagbabasa ako ng libro. (which literally translates to: "Read I books.")

Japanese [Subject-Object-Verb]: (Watashi wa) hon wo yomimasu. (which literally translates to: "(I) books read")

So yeah, I'm amused but at the same time it's driving me crazy because the Japanese sentence structure totally goes against the way my brain forms sentences. XD

Not that I think anyone will make it this far but.....

End of boring post. :D

Post Office Problems
It's been more than a month since I first ordered stuff from CDJapan. I've placed quite a few orders already but I haven't received anything from the post office yet. So today, I decided to go there and give them a piece of my mind ask if they've got anything for me yet before bitching on contacting CDJapan about it. And guess what? My packages have been sitting at the local post office for a couple of weeks now. AND they didn't even send me anything, not even a note to tell me that they've been there all this time. :/ I asked the post office lady (who by the way was very pregnant and very irritable) if they normally don't send notes to inform the package recipients that their stuff has arrived.

Post Office Lady: Bakit, wala ka bang natanggap? (Why, haven't you received anything yet?)
Me: Wala po eh... (I haven't received anything.)
POL: I-check mo na lang dito para sigurado. (Just come here and check with us to know for sure if they've arrived or not.)
Me: ...

So she just basically told me that I'd have to check with them whenever I'm expecting a package to arrive. But what about those people who have no idea that a package was sent to them? Sigh. On the bright side, my packages arrived in very good condition. The box for the CDs had a little dent on the side but the CDs themselves were in perfect condition, thanks to the bubble wrap and green lining paper.

Well anyway, at least I got my packages. No tax, btw. I just had to pay Php40 (~US$1) for what I think is a storage or handling fee. Although I have to note that each of my packages are well under US$50 so that's probably why there wasn't any tax. Anyway, all that's left from my previous orders is Myojo's October issue which should arrive within this week or next (based on the dates that the previous packages arrived at the post office). And I know exactly how I will spend my time waiting for that - by staring at the JUMP pages from the September issue I FINALLY got today. :P

And I might just have to try purchasing from YesAsia as I've heard that they ship through LBC here in the Philippines and will therefore get my stuff delivered at my house. Bottomline is, my cousins in Japan will have to thank their lucky stars that I have finally tried out purchasing stuff online and will no longer beg them to buy JUMP stuff for me. XD

Blank CD
Dad: San ba galing yung package mo?
Me: Sa Japan.
Dad: Ano ba binili mo?
Me: CD.
Dad: Ano yun, blank CD?

Lol, Dad! Why would I order blank CDs all the way from Japan? XD

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1st Generation Kindaichi
So I just watched the first couple of episodes of Kindaichi [Tsyoshi version] to have an idea of what Yamada's next role is all about. It was a bit (actually, a lot) weird seeing a young Tsuyoshi as I've only gotten into Johnny's this year and thus have only seen him as his present self in a handful of variety shows. He looks so different that my brain simply refuses to connect his present self from this:


I know, I know. The picture quality sucks. But I watched and screencapped this from my phone so I can't do any better, ok? :P (Actually, I also uploaded the pic and am making this post through my phone before I go to sleep. Not that you care about that but whatever. XD)

So anyway, from the very little I've seen of the drama, I think it's a wonderful mix of Hajime's fun personality and all that blood and gore. Tsuyoshi did a wonderful job with the character and watching his version of Hajime makes me look forward to Yamada's version even more. I'll probably watch a little of Matsujun and Kame's versions as well just to see their take on the character.

I can hardly wait for the winter drama season!

I only managed to finish 3 jdramas for the spring season. I started out with 6 but I dropped Ataru, Mikeneko Holmes and Papadol midway through the season. I actually really liked all the episodes of Ataru that I've seen but I somehow lost interest in the drama and I dunno why. However, I did manage to finish 37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku, Kagi no Kakatta Heya and Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. Hopefully, I'll be able to watch more this season as there are various dramas that interests me.

On the other hand, I've only watched the first episodes of about half of this season's dramas but I already have 5 that I want to continue watching. I wonder how many dramas I'll end up watching until the end this season... Anyway, here are the 5 dramas that I've seen the first (or first few) episodes of and liked so far.

1. Sprout

Well, its got Chinen Yuri + other Johnnys. Plus Hana Egao for the drama's theme song. Lol. Biased fan is biased. :P I didn't like the manga so much so I'm actually glad that they made changes to the plot. And I think Chinen's acting is pretty good in the drama. But other than this, I've only seen him in Sensei wa Erai so I can't really gauge his acting chops that well. :P Anyway, this is gonna be my "idol drama" slash "guilty pleasure drama" this season. Oh, and I absolutely love the insert songs used in the episodes - all of which are songs by Grouplove. The song Betty's a Bombshell is love. <3

2. Rich Man Poor Woman

The last one I watched from all the dramas that made it into my list. I thought this was gonna be a generic drama where the rich guy and the poor girl fall in love with each other but the differences in social status causes problems and such. But boy, was I wrong! Frankly, this drama's frst episode is the one that got me most intrigued. And with the twist they put with Ishihara Satomi's character, they've definitely got me coming back for more.

3. Beautiful Rain

Okay, this is definitely gonna be a tear-jerker. I've already cried lots from this drama and I've only seen 2 episodes! I like the story and the actors are all good. Plus, Miura Shohei. <3 I just hope it doesn't turn out to be too heavy. There are lots of funny moments in the drama and I hope this keeps up until the end. I mean, I've already prepared myself for tear-inducing moments from this drama but I don't wanna be crying for the whole hour during each episode. So keep the light scenes coming too, ok? Plus the two kids in the drama are really adorable and well..... Miura Shohei (lol).

4. Ghost Mama Sousasen
I like the idea of this drama. I just hope the plot doesn't get repetitive 'cause this type of drama has the tendency to do so. I'd hate it if every episode is like meet a ghost - solve a crime - help ghost get to heaven kinda thing. On a side note, I like the actors that they put in the drama. Especially Tonbooooooo. :P >I'm a sucker for cute little kids.< So I guess we'll see if the drama can keep me interested. Hopefully it does 'cause even though I like Nakama Yukie, I dropped watching Renai Neet halfway through the winter drama season and I'd hate to drop another one of her dramas midway.

5. GTO

I liked the first episode a lot. The second was just so-so for me. The third will feature Shintaro. It's GTO so the drama has a lot of potential (even though I say this, I've actually never watched anything GTO before. lol.) The problem I have with this drama is Takimoto Miori. I see too much of her previous characters in her that I find it hard to connect her with her role as a teacher. Anyway, Yamamoto Yusuke looks reaaaally good in this drama. His looks has always been kind of a hit or miss thing for me but I've always thought that he's such a great actor. So it's a definite plus that his look in this drama is the best I've seen of him (just my opinion, of course). And Shirota Yuuuuuuuu. He on the other hand, has always looked good (and probably always will) in my eyes. Also, I love that there are lots of familiar faces in this drama.


* Kitayama Hiromitsu Hitoribocchi Indo Oudan Backpack no Tabi

Well. It's not a drama, I know. :P But reality shows featuring idols are always fun to watch. Especially if there's travel involved. :)

Onions and Lemons
I have to admit that among the 3 guys in Ikemen Desu Ne, I probably liked Tamamori Yuta's character the least. Partly because I thought Hikaru and Fujigaya Taisuke had much more interesting roles and partly because I couldn't bring myself to like Tamamori's hair in this drama. However, I found him to be such an adorable clueless dork in Ikinari Ougon Densetsu. He is just freaking funny during the course of the challenge and I just found myself laughing while watching his parts. Seriously, who decides to live on onions for a whole freaking month just because his name starts the same way as the name of onions (onion is tamanegi in Japanese) does?! Well, okay, maybe the fact that he found a place to buy cheap onions were a factor too. But still! Who would want to live a month on onions?

Anyway, here are my some of my favorite parts from the whole challenge (which lasted 4 episodes btw):

1. All that tamanegi. A fridge-full of tamanegi! The tamanegi sky tree! And even effin' decorating his house with tamanegi!!! Also, the part where Kisumai had a photoshoot with lots of delicious food. It was really cute how everyone else was eating the delicious food and even though those food were stuff he really liked to eat, he couldnt eat them - he had to eat his tamanegi.

2. Him mistaking the microphone in the kitchen for a camera until the end of the challenge. Lol'd so hard every freakin' time they showed him presenting the food he cooked to the microphone. I almost felt sympathetic for him for not realizing it at all but it was just so hilarious that i couldn't. You show-makers don't have a heart for not telling him that it's a microphone! But it was helluva funny so I forgive you guys. Lol.

3. Going around shopping with a freaking bag (a clear backpack to be more precise) of 1yen coins. At one point, he was paying for his groceries with the coins and while in the middle of counting them, he gets distracted by something and has to start counting all over again! And this happened more than once! Lol. :) In the end, when the shopkeeper counted his payment, it turned out that he paid too much and returned the extra coins to him. Lol. All that effort and he still didn't get it right. And how the other contestants had to help him count how much coins he had at the end of the whole challenge.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
And he won! How adorable. :)

And also, the girl contestant (don't remember her name, sorry) amused me so much with 1) the way she cooked her food and made it into much, much bigger servings than it normally would've and 2) her huge appetite! I wish I could eat as much as she does and not get fat. Oh well, life's not fair, I know. :(

I probably would've enjoyed this program more if I liked Kisumai as much as I like HSJ. I mean all that Kisumai footage in the show! I bet Kisumai fans loved every minute of this. And on a side note, I think that Kisumai members looked better backstage than they do when I see them on TV appearances. But I haven't really seen a lot of them so I guess that makes my opinion invalid. *dodges stones thrown by Kisumai fans*

Now, if only Johnny-san would let any HSJ member preferrably Inoo-chan appear on a show like this...

Anyway, there's also a CM that I really, really like lately. And it's...

Kanjani8's CC Lemon CM! I love it so much that I go watch it once in a while on youtube and it never fails to make me smile. :) Plus, I love the colors they used in the CM - it makes the CM feel so fun and fresh. I think I've seen 3 versions of this CM. Is there any other version? If there is, please tell me and I'd go hunt for them! Lol. Well, I'm not really a big Kanjani8 fan although I do think Yokoyama You is chou kawaii but I like the over-all feel of the group. I haven't really seen a lot of them but from the little I have, it seems like they always have fun together and they're not afraid to poke fun of themselves.

Whew. I can't believe I made a post this long about something that's not JUMP-centered. lol. :D


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